50 cl / 20% vol

Opyos Coffee Gin Liqueur is created by blending cold brew coffee with our classic Dry Gin. The organic, fair-trade coffee beans originating from the Sidamo region in Ethiopia are roasted in Luxembourg, before being grinded to the degree that we need to make our cold brew coffee. This cold brew is then blended with our Opyos Luxembourg Dry Gin and raw sugar cane, resulting in a wonderfully balanced palette of flavours, characterised by full-bodied, fruity coffee notes and soft juniper flavours.

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The idea for Opyos Coffee Gin Liqueur has been initiated by our appreciation for a good Espresso Martini. Soon after, we started looking for a coffee that would best match our Opyos Luxembourg Dry Gin so we contacted Moulin Dieschbourg, a coffee roaster just around the corner. The coffee beans we have ultimately selected, are 100% Arabica, organic, fair-trade coffee beans that are growing in the Sidamo region in Ethiopia at an altitude between 1400 and 2200 metres.

After the beans are being grinded to our desired degree, we produce the most important element of this product: cold brew coffee. As soon as the cold brew is ready, we blend it with our Opyos Luxembourg Dry Gin and raw sugar cane. As always, we do not chill-filter, nor add anything unnatural, before bottling this liqueur at 20% vol.